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Blackberry Tails Childrens Series

Blackberry Tails 3-Book Collection


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This delightful children's adventure collection includes three titles by Kentucky author C.W. Shumate and illustrated by artist L. Clark Uhl. Enjoy Gram's Journey, Raisin's Odyssey, and Elvis' Dream bundled into a convenient package that's perfect for gift giving or collectors. Each hardback first edition features 32 colorfully illustrated pages featuring the very best of Kentucky folklore. These charming books are ideal when shared by an adult with children of all ages, and are perfectly suited for young readers ages 6-12. Set includes:

  • Blackberry Tails: Gram's Journey Copyright © 2016.
  • Blackberry Tails: Raisin's Odyssey Copyright © 2017.
  • Blackberry Tails: Elvis' Dream Copyright © 2018.

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