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Elvis Dream Childrens Book

Blackberry Tails: Elvis' Dream


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Elvis' Dream is a delightful third addition to the Blackberry Tails children's folktale series from Kentuckian C.W. Shumate, and magically brought to life through a colorful collage of illustrations created by celebrated artist L. Clark Uhl. The adventure follows Elvis, a feisty Yorkshire Terrier who leaves the comfort of his Kentucky home to pursue a yearning to join the circus and become a famous children's entertainer. Elvis' tireless effort proves to be a captivating endeavor highlighted by joyful interaction with characters including a brassy old squirrel named Nuts, Hugo the human cannonball, and Purcilla, a sarcastic feline sidekick willing to help a friend's dream come true. Filled with action to spark a child's imagination, Elvis' Dream is certain to be regarded as an endearing literary companion.

Hardbound First Edition
Copyright © 2018
ISBN: 978-0-692-72390-6

Copyright © 2018 C.W. Shumate