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Grams Journey Childrens Book

Blackberry Tails: Gram's Journey


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Blackberry Tails: Gram’s Journey is a captivating children’s book written by Kentuckian C.W. Shumate and illustrated by accomplished artist L. Clark Uhl. This charming story highlights the tale of Gram, a lost puppy, and his tireless struggle to return home. Along the way, Gram grows aware of the joys and perils of life while tutored by a gamut of colorful characters including Claw, a wicked owl feared by all, and Stubbs, a witty field mouse who turns out to be a guardian angel. This classic hardbound first edition contains 32 colorful pages of merriment, and its magical story is intended to be shared with children, but also serves as a young reader for ages 6-12. Proudly printed in America, Blackberry Tails: Gram’s Journey is an endearing must-read that will provide timeless enjoyment.  

Hardbound First Edition
Copyright © 2016
ISBN: 978-0-692-62559-0

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