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Jalapeño Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Jalapeño Jam

$18.00 (Two 10oz Jars)

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Treat your taste buds to C.W. Shumate Blackberry Jalapeno Jam for a one of a kind flavor sensation. It’s thick and sweet with a kick from real jalapeno peppers that offers just the right amount of delicious heat. Like our original blackberry jam, Kentucky Proud C.W. Shumate Blackberry Jalapeno combines the unique tartness of fresh blackberry fruit with a sweet touch of pure cane sugar, natural honey, and jalapeno peppers.

Free of yucky artificial colors, extenders, preservatives and chocked full of wholesome goodness, this jam will quickly become a family favorite. See for yourself by serving blackberry jalapeno jam with hors d’oeuvres or as a glaze for turkey, roast beef, chicken or pork. You’ll love spreading our blackberry jalapeno jam on sandwiches, crackers, bagels, cornbread, or pairing it with a wide variety of cheeses. Apply your imagination and realize there’s no limit to the tasty combinations this jam will produce.

Offering contains two 10-ouce jars of sweet heat. If you need more, call or email us.

Added 01/07/2019 by Lee R

Was a little skeptical of blackberry and jalapeno, but with the first bite you made a believer out of me.

Added 11/30/2018 by Eric J

Love this jam on turkey and bacon sandwiches. Just enough sweet and heat to make it interesting. It's a winner!

Added 10/13/2018 by Nathan T

Saw your jam at a Kentucky market and my interest was drawn by the label. I had never tasted blackberry jalapeno and thought I'd give it a try. This combination did not disappoint. Sweet, fruity, with a little heat felt in the back of my palate. Perfect! I am now a fan, and use your jam to compliment favorites from grilled chicken to pork tenderloin. PS: It's great on crackers with cream cheese.

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