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Kentucky Blackberry Jam

Kentucky Blackberry Jam

$17.95 (Two 10oz Jars)

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The humble blackberry faithfully serves as official fruit for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, so it stands to reason there’s nothing more traditional in country kitchens across the state than a heaping tablespoon of blackberry jam piled atop a hot buttered biscuit.

C.W. Shumate Original Kentucky Blackberry Jam is preserved using an old-fashioned family recipe that combines the natural tartness of fresh blackberry fruit with a sweet touch of pure cane sugar and natural honey. Void of extenders or preservatives, C.W. Shumate Blackberry Jam is a state fair blue ribbon award winner, and as folks around Kentucky will quickly tell ya, it’s the best blackberry jam you’ve ever tasted!

Offering contains two 10-ounce jars of the tastiest stuff on earth! If you need more, call or email us.

Added 06/07/2019 by Janice R

Absolutely Delish!

Added 04/03/2019 by Paula T

Absolutely love your jam!

Added 02/24/2019 by Cheryl A

Thanks to you, our entire family has gained an appreciation for blackberry jam and hot buttered biscuits.

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