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Raisins Odyssey Childrens Book

Blackberry Tails: Raisin's Odyssey


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Raisin’s Odyssey is the second installment of the Blackberry Tails series from author C.W. Shumate. Skillfully illustrated by artist L. Clark Uhl, this story features Raisin, a handsome poodle, who is separated from his loving caretaker, Mama K, by a scheming dognapper with bad intentions attempting to make a quick profit at Raisin’s expense. Following a brazen escape, Raisin finds himself lost in rural Kentucky until befriended by a wily old tomcat called Grinch. As their friendship develops, Grinch helps guide Raisin home while encountering perils, including a villainous pack of rogue coyotes. Filled with nonstop adventure, Blackberry Tails: Raisin’s Odyssey is an endearing children’s page turner.

Hardbound First Edition
Copyright © 2017
ISBN: 978-0-692-72390-6

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