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November 16, 2017
Bourbon County Citizen - Paris, KY

Giving Thanks

What if the only things you receive today are things you gave thanks for yesterday? It’s alright, for we’re all guilty of overlooking a constant regimen of gratitude, so forgetting to express thanks once in a while is a common occurrence. Life is filled with plenty of blessings, but we often fail to recognize them because they may seem too mundane. Sure, meeting the person of your dreams or winning the lottery would quickly be described by most as a true blessing, but what about giving thanks for such ordinary occurrences as waking up in the morning or the chance to smile at a pleasing sight? Thankfulness extends beyond a traditional annual holiday or special events. Unconditional gratitude transcends into appreciation for the most insignificant of occasions.

October 11, 2017
Bourbon County Citizen - Paris, KY

Boogie Men

Fear is typically sidestepped if given a choice, but it is something we must approach now and then when we can no longer go around it. Avoiding the multitude of fears experienced daily is almost impossible, yet we continuously seek deflection of full encounter through vain attempts of denial. Opting for the “Boogie Man” to disappear by keeping figurative sheets pulled over our heads is typically employed well beyond early childhood years. One of the most dependable methods for successfully whistling past the graveyard is an unconditional reliance upon the complete and total opposite of Fear, and that’s Faith.

September 13, 2017
Bourbon County Citizen - Paris, KY

Today’s Forecast

It’s freezing outside! Seems like it’s pouring buckets. Hot, isn’t it? Sure dry, we need a soaking rain. Gosh, it’s windy. The human race is practically unequipped to initiate, or carry on a conversation without mentioning the weather. What a superb “ice breaker” today’s forecast can be. Mighty beautiful day, or I heard it’s supposed to rain…snow…get hot…turn cold. Mudslides, hurricanes, floods, drought, tornadoes, thunderstorms, sleet, hail, and blizzards automatically snatch headlines, regardless of any other catastrophic events happening. Oh, and let’s not forget weather comments also serve as an appropriate closing to any conversation they originally opened. So, stay cool, and be careful out there!

August 16, 2017
Bourbon County Citizen - Paris, KY

10 Words

Ten beneficial words to any mantra should be IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME. Every human on this planet has the capacity to orchestrate a commendable difference. The common challenge faced in most situations is deciding whether our chosen action creates a positive or negative impact. Just think - we normally possess the power to sway a reaction toward a desired outcome with a glance, gesture, or handful of words, and the choice can usually be predetermined. Here's the thing - positive introduction typically creates positive results and yields more gratification than a negative route. Training one's mind to remain engaged in a proactively positive mode is not second nature for most folks, but can be accomplished with practice. Start making a positive contribution today with a kind word shared and prepare to be amazed!

July 19, 2017
Bourbon County Citizen - Paris, KY

Bilingual Dogs

While walking home, I witnessed an elderly gentleman sitting on a porch speaking in his native Spanish tongue to a dog quietly laying at his feet. An overweight shepherd with champagne colored hair, the pooch was intently absorbing every word as his tail slowly moved from side to side. Compelled to approach the pair, I smiled and issued a verbal greeting. The man nodded, and the dog acknowledged me with an enthusiastic tail wag as I leaned over to scratch behind his ears. This newfound canine friend’s reception makes one wonder if dogs are bilingual, or perhaps the simple exchange of compassion is universally recognized by all creatures.

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