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Gourmet Blackberry BBQ Sauce!

Kentucky Blackberry BBQ sauce

Kentucky Blackberry BBQ Sauce

$10.00 (One 13oz Bottle)

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Fresh ingredients including honey, molasses, blackberries, apple cider vinegar, and special spices all combined to create a unique small batch taste of Kentucky you’re going to love. C.W. Shumate Sweet & Sassy Blackberry BBQ sauce is preservative and gluten free, while containing no artificial colors or known allergens. Delicious when brushed on traditional grilled items like chicken, steaks, and pork chops and makes a perfect dipping sauce for sandwiches, veggies, and cheeses. In fact, there’s few food items not complimented by our unique blackberry BBQ sauce. Produced in the Commonwealth of Kentucky using local ingredients, C.W. Shumate BBQ is Kentucky Proud!

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